Flight time to Willemstad Netherlands Antilles


7833 km

From Amsterdam to Willemstad


9 hour(s) 54 min


Curaçao International Airport

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The weather in Willemstad


Flight time to Willemstad

Curaçao is a breathtaking island in the Caribbean, with pearly white beaches near ‘De grote knip’ and the amazing brightly colored houses in Willemstad. The nature reserve ‘Sint Willibordus’ is home to large numbers of Flamingos. In short: Curaçao offers something for everyone. 

The weather in Curaçao is amazing with temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius with a nice cool breeze the year around. Although June till November is hurricane season in the Caribbean, Curaçao is rarely affected. The sea around the island is swarming with beautiful and colorful fish because of the nice and constant temperature. You simply cannot visit Curaçao without a dive…

You can get around the island by car, but the public transportation is a reasonable alternative. The Curaçao International Airport is located in the middle of the island, so you’re always near your hotel or resort. The holiday starts before you are even there!

Flight time to Curaçao