Flight time to Sochi Russia


3004 km

From Amsterdam to Sochi

(via Minsk)

4 hour(s) 32 min


Sochi Adler International Airport

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The weather in Sochi


Flight time to Sochi

Sochi is one of the leading Russian seaside resorts and is also known as the Russian Riviera. The beaches, the weather and the healing spa’s attract over 4 million visitors each year. Sochi is a home away from home for many wealthy Russians. The Stalinist architecture in Sochi is remarkable, and the parks and monuments are amazing. The scenery surrounding Sochi is beautiful and features a view of the Kaukasus from the city.

Sochi is also known as a city of sports. The coming seven years Sochi will host the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia and in 2014 the olympic winter games will be hosted in Sochi. Most of the events will take place in the city, however skiing will take place in the nearby city of Krasnaja Paljana. 

The weather in Sochi is moderate, with nice winters, comparable to the mediterranean. 

From the city you can travel by ferry to Istanbul and other large cities in the area. The airport is known as Adler-Sochi and can be reached by plane from Moscow every hour. 

Flight time to Sochi

To test your Russian: sochi2014.com, luckily also available in English ;)