Flight time to Hong Kong China


9275 km

From Amsterdam to Hong Kong


11 hour(s) 24 min


Hong Kong International Airport

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The weather in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Flight time to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special region in China and has been a British colony until July 1st 1997. But although Hong Kong is officially a Chinese region, it still has got its own rules. Also described as 'East meets West', Hong Kong is a mixture of old Chinese tradition and influences from the colonial time, when Hong Kong was still a British colony. The city is loaded with sights to see, from breathtaking Daoistic or Buddhist temples like the Chi Lin Nunnery to the modern skyscraper of the Bank of China. The skyscrapers form the impressive Hong Kong skyline, as you can see of course!

Hong Kong is home to a large amount of shops and shopping malls, one of the largest being Causeway Bay. You can get almost everything in Hong Kong! Well… buy almost everything!

Temperatures in Hong Kong vary from 22-28 degrees Celsius in April till October to 35-36 degrees Celcius in the summer. But these warm temperatures come at a price: the summer is the rain season in Hong Kong, so it’ll rain more than during the winters. The winters are moderate, rarely reaching sub-zero temperatures. 

Public transport in the city is excellent: buses, subway trains, trams and trains are available for everyone. But there also are plenty of taxis if public transport really isn’t your game of choice. 

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the largest airports in the world, and is located on an artificial island called Chek Lap Kok. 


Flight time to Hong Kong