Flight time to Aqaba Jordan


3592 km

From Amsterdam to Aqaba

(via Istanbul)

5 hour(s) 22 min


King Hussein International Airport

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The weather in Aqaba


Flight time to Aqaba

Aqaba (Petra) is a city in south west Jordan on the Red Sea shore and is popular among recreational divers. The city is quite unique in that it does not charge taxes in an attempt to make Aqaba even more attractive to tourists. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel are all less then 25 kilometers away while Aqaba itself offers a few sights too such as Aqaba Fort and the achaeological museum. For some top notch archaeology however you'll have to head down to Petra, the ancient capital of the Nabatean kingdom. The old city is situated between hills and is partially quarried from a natural gorge. It once blossomed as an important link on several trade routes. Petra is an enchanting city that takes you back to the beginning of the Common Era. The absolute highlight of the city is Al Khazneh, better known as the Treasury. Being one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, a description wouldn't do Petra justice. You have to see it with your own eyes.

Temperatures in Jordan are genereally very high and it doesn't rain very often. The best time to travel would be spring or fall. During summer temperatures might rise to 45°C.

Aqaba's only civil airport is King Hussein International Airport.

Flight time to Aqaba (Petra)